Monday, March 17, 2008

So anyway...

The blog is called "anyway" because when I am talking to Mom or Sam on the phone, that is the verbal cue we use to round up the conversation or signal that we have nothing more to add to the current line of thought. I'm not sure why, nor am I aware of other people who use anyway in this same way (I guess it's just a nice way of saying, "well, I've got to go now!"), but there it is.

I am blogging because my mom told me to - really she just wants me to write, but thoughts flow more freely for me at a computer than with a journal. A journal just looks like another project I have left uncompleted, and those sorts of things make me sad. I am also blogging because we are about to take the whole family on a trip to Europe, and I thought a blog would be a great venue to share the journey with all of our friends and relatives who won't be there in person. Plus this way I won't harrass each of you personally to look at my pictures - I will do it subtly through electronic media instead. So be thankful for the anyway blog! It is my gift to you.

And it is now 9:22 p.m. and I need to put the laundry away and turn the lights out for the kids. Justin is playing in the church league basketball championship game as I write this, and I hate that I am not watching.


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Stephanie said...

don't worry...i have already bookmarked this link!