Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why I Usually Hold the Camera

Here's me, screaming, going down our sledding hill last week.

Still Screaming. This is why I'm screaming: the man formerly known as my husband is standing at the base of the hill with a snow shovel.  In wait.

He gleefully shovels snow onto his beloved bride.

Ah, yes. Still screaming, but colder now.

Will it ever end?

Yes, thank goodness.

Here's our friend David, who obviously was not paying attention just then.

One has a premonition of the cold terror that awaits him.

He tries to maneuver the sled away, but there is no escape.

Snow on your head, sucker!

He loses control of the vehicle.

And uses his head to bring himself to a stop.

And, finally, here's one more reason why we try to limit the husband's interaction with the snow shovel.


The Whites said...

Ah, fabulous! I love a family that sleds together! :)

Pat said...

I always say you can never get enough snow. Oops, maybe not on your head.