Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I have a problem

I don't know how to stop checking out books from the library.  I was there, ostensibly, for the children, because they have standardized testing this week and need some good books to read in the down time.  But I saw The Swan Thieves: A Novel the new book by Elizabeth Kostova and my fear is that I would never see it again.  The horror!  So I checked it out.  Her book The Historian was a massive work of fiction, but so well-written.  I loved it.  And I also checked out two more books by Laurie King The Moor: A Novel of Suspense Featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes (Mary Russell Novels)O Jerusalem (Mary Russell Novels) .  Now I, at this point in my life, don't even have time for deep cleansing breaths in the car pool line.  I know there is no way I can throw a little light fiction in life's mixing bowl (which seems to be set on super-high).   But I need books like other people need conversation, and the library is so great about giving them to me for free!  I cannot help it.


The Whites said...

Let me know how you like the Swan Thieves. I loved "The Historian" - is it possible this one is as good?

Susan said...

I did the math this afternoon; because it's a new book, I only have it for 14 days. I have to read 44 pages a day in order to finish it before it is due. The only problem is I keep falling asleep every time I try to read. :) Maybe a Kindle IS a good idea.