Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You'll be glad to know...

that I'm almost done with The Swan Thieves

and the laundry

and I'm over the whole house rant I posted yesterday

and I forgot to call my sister back

and Will got to play third base in the last game of the regular season

and my husband is yelling at the TV again. 


Stephanie said...

i am always glad to hear what is going on in your world! i love checking your blog more than i love checking email (which used to be fun, but now just means more responsibilities)!

what sporting event was justin watching?

Susan said...

the Boston Celtics and someone else (it doesn't really matter who the other team is). What, maybe it was Desperate Housewives? You know how he gets about his soaps!

Stephanie said...

yeah, that and reality tv, especially the Amazing Race!