Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stream of Consciousness Blogging

I need to walk around with a notebook in hand, because sometimes I will come up with an idea for a blog entry.  Then when it's time to sit down to the computer, I think, "Now, what was I going to talk about today?" That is me, today.  Will is watching Game 1 of the World Series, Emma is playing Jingle Bells on the piano (never too early, Halloween has almost come and gone), Justin is setting up the Wii downstairs,  and Jack is taking a shower.  Domestic bliss.

Well, it's late so I will just share some pictures from my mother-in-law's garden.  We took her and Gran-daddy K. home from their stay at the hospital last week and spent a couple of nights with them.
Mexican something or other and some roses in the background.  The kind that are hard to kill.  I can't remember their names either.

I think she said this is the "Hot Cocoa" variety.  Seriously! It had a brownish tint.
More mexican something or other with some mums.  It's a good thing this isn't a gardening blog.
Lantana!  I love the stuff.  It's the only thing I have identified so far.
A pink rose.  Don't ask me the variety.  I could make something up if you want!  "Boudreaux's Bottom", perhaps?  That is probably a bad gardening joke.
Hibiscus! Take that, gardening know-it-alls!

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