Thursday, April 8, 2010

sometimes i wish i was obsessive-compulsive

Not in an actually crippling way, like washing my hands hundreds of times a day until they were cracked or bleeding or having to walk an even number of steps everywhere and if I ended on an odd number having to do it all over again or driving around a parking lot until I could find a parking place to the right because the left was where all the crazies parked...not like that, just one of those folks who couldn't stand to see dirt on the floor, or unnecessary paper on the kitchen table, or an unmade bed (actually that's not OCD, that's called being neat.  I get those confused sometimes).  Unfortunately, I seem to have a high tolerance for disorganization.  Right now I am typing with my arms resting on books and papers on the desk, and everywhere on the floor around me are brochures, books, shoes and one sleeping dog.

But actually I hate it being so messy...that's what so confusing to me; if it bothers me so much, why can't I do anything about it?  I clean up and clean up and it never sticks.  Dirt sticks, clutter sticks.  Clean vanishes like early morning fog around our house. 

I think I will stop blogging and see what mess can be vanquished in the 25 minutes before I have to fix supper.

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