Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things I think I'm too busy for

Here are some things I think I'm too busy for:
  1. Stopping to get gas.
  2. Using the bathroom.
  3. Showers.
  4. Drying my hair.
  5. Hugging my husband when he gets home from work.
  6. Sometimes brushing my teeth. 
  7. Sending the shower curtain liner through the wash.
Here are the results of me thinking I'm too busy for these things:
  1. I've never run out, but I've certainly put myself in stressful situations.  One time (maybe more than once) I was by myself in the van and the gas light came on and I paid zero attention to it.  I like to think of the Odyssey as a "drama minivan."  Always wanting attention, that one.  Anyway, after a while I noticed the indicator dipping below the E - like, below the little mark that says, "you're about to suck air through your fuel line," so I called my mechanically-inclined husband.    "When the fuel light is on, how mach gas do you have left in the van?"  He said probably about four or five gallons, why?  And I replied ever so nonchalantly, "Oh, no reason.  What do you think is our estimated miles per gallon on the highway in the minivan?" while I tried to remember what number the odometer was on when the light came on.  And he says, "Next gas station...stop at it."  And hangs up.  And then calls back in a bit to see if I was stranded on I-26 because I was trying to teach the Honda a lesson about theatrics.
  2. You don't really need or want to know, but any woman who has given birth to multiple children feels my pain here. 
  3. I try not to stand too close to people.  And I wear a lot of deodorant.  
  4. I perpetually look like Ms. Frizzle in the Magic School Bus books.  Sometimes I don't even brush it to try to achieve that "tousled locks" look.  Well, I achieve a look sure enough, but all it says is, "I should brush my hair.  Or wear a hat." 
  5. I miss out!  Thankfully, he'll stop me in whatever I am doing and make me hug him.  Atleast someone has his priorities straight here.
  6. Again with the personal hygiene! So sad for me.  And everyone within a 3-foot radius.  Trident and Certs.
  7. Using your fingernail, you could write your name in the soapscum/mildew combo going on at the foot of the curtain.  Disgusting.  One time my mother-in-law brought new shower curtain liners with her when she came to visit (I'm not kidding).  Next time she'll need to bring new grout.
Happy Wednesday!


Amy said...

Except for the brushing my teeth adn the shower curtain liners, I'd say I agree with every one of these. Another I'd add to it - take out the trash. Sometimes it's easier to just push it and compact it into the can.

Susan said...

oh trash is a hot button in our house b/c I like to think it's man's work, but the man is oblivious. so i do it, but with a bitter heart.