Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MLK day

Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so the kids were out of school.  We went to Charlotte to watch a Bobcats game.  I tried to take a picture of all of these little birds sitting on the barricades, but they flew away.

Sadly, none of my family wanted to stay outside in the cold and wait for the birds to come back for my picture.
Here is one little guy who stayed around. He was brave.
Here is a bobcat head getting ready to eat the children.  Emma is as tall as me now, but she's hunched over because she is cold. Jack is wearing my vest because he was cold. Will, surprisingly, was the only one with sense to wear the appropriate clothing.
  A glimpse of Charlotte.
 I have no pictures of the Bobcats game because it was dark and I didn't feel like wrestling my camera out of my bag. They lost. Thankfully, we are not die hard Bobcat fans, so it did not affect us too much. 

It was a fun day!

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