Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday, and I'm headed for Irmo

Aaaaahhhh, there's nothing like getting up early on a Saturday morning and driving to scenic Irmo, South Carolina, where your daughter attends a conference for young writers and you, my friend, drive to Panera Bread and read for two hours.  I guess there's worst ways to spend your day.  BUT even better, tonight is the the night of the annual Church Basketball Games, pitting the women against the girls, and the men against the boys. 
I have been asked to participate, but I am hoping for a lot of bench warming, since the art of dribbling a basketball still eludes me.  I am 5'2", so I never thought to add basketball to my renaissance woman-like collection of skills.  I am only looking forward to it because I want to wear knee socks and put my hair up in pig-tails.  I meant to buy sweat bands, but never got around to it.  You gotta look the part, right? 
Wish me and my sore shins luck!  I'm bringing my C+ game, high school girls, look out!

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