Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow, snow go away

That's right, people, I am officially a snow grouch.  I don't even care if it sticks.  The best part of the snow event was seeing my happy children's faces at 11:30 today, when school let out and the snow was flying fast and furious.

Emma invited Sam over to spend the afternoon with us.  Sam's dad is the man in our church who was killed in a car accident a week and a half ago.  Sam's mom dropped her off and said she was going to write thank you notes and then take a long nap in her quiet house.  I just saw Sam and Emma walking together to Sam's dad's grave (we live next to the church cemetery) and wondered what they were talking about.  

The dog and I went for a long run this morning.  It is cold and wet, but I just don't have time to go up to the Y to run indoors.  So I used my inhaler before I went running today, and I hate to admit it, but it made a huge difference.  The reason I hate to admit that is because my husband often suggests I do the inhaler before I run, and I brush him off.  For some reason, I seem to think that I should not need medicine like mere mortals do, and so I'm constantly trying to ween myself off of my various daily medications.  I only do the inhaler for emergencies, and to me, if your lips aren't turning blue and you're not on the floor gasping for breath, it's not an emergency.  But because it's been cold and only turning colder and because I did not want to turn into a zombie this afternoon, I did some preventative steroid inhaling and ran for 55 minutes which I haven't done in several weeks now.  Amazing!  Maybe Justin (and the doctor who prescribed the inhaler for precisely this purpose) knows something after all.

Happy wet, cold March!

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